Vol One, 2024 Vol One, 2024 Vol One, 2024 Vol One, 2024

Manuscript — Volume 1

This manuscript contains extracts from longer interviews conducted in eight languages with 51 fellow documentary filmmakers from over 34 countries - each describing their understanding of the practice of independent filmmaking and its significance to their lives, cultures, societies. It is one of the only research projects of its kind that centres the voices of global majority makers.


In volume one, we have pulled together the responses to just one theme; what does independent documentary mean to you and why does it matter? Excerpts from interviews relating to this theme have been compiled under filmmaker’s names.

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We will be publishing more volumes over the next year which explore questions of sustainability and funding models, the future of public and corporate distribution, assessment of media industry festivals and markets, how to build better communities and networks, and other subjects.

Our aim is to provide a richer and a more diverse set of perspectives on the state of the field and hear where filmmakers are aligned, what they want to see changed and what we might build together.