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We want to thank all the filmmakers and organisations who have contributed to making this project a reality. All 51 interviewees who provided their perspectives, shed light on their realities, their visions and dreams, and the challenges they face. To all the organisations inside and outside of DISCO who have generously donated their time to help us imagine how this project can develop, connected us to filmmakers and translators, conducted interviews, and provided a necessary dialogue to ground the project in our diverse global community.

And to all the filmmakers who contributed to this project anonymously - we thank you tremendously, your insights and words will continue to foundationally guide the project, learnings for the community, and advocacy for a better future.

Special thanks to

Laura Holcomb and the team at String & Can Interpreting, and the team of translators and transcribers who made this project possible.

Our academic advisors Patricia Aufderheide - University Professor, School of Communication, American University; Founder and Senior Research Fellow, Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSI), American University and Dr Steve Presence - Associate Professor of Film Studies, UWE Bristol; Documentary Film Council

Amil Shivji
Anaïs Taracena
Arthur Pratt
Anisa Sabiri
Arya Rothe
Burcu Melekoglu
Don Edkins
Everlane Moraes
Hady Zaccak
Irene Gutiérrez Torres
Jason Fitzroy Jeffers
Kristina Mikhailova
Maheen Mirza
Marjan Safinia

Michèle Stephenson
Michel K. Zongo
Rebecca Barry
Rehad Desai
Reid Davenport
Sami Tlili
Sam Soko
Sein Lyan Tun
Toni Kamau
Trang Dao
Vera Krichevskaya
Vuslat Karan
Xun Sero