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What is the Independence Project?

A group of independent documentary organisations from around the world have come together to advocate for the unique importance of independent documentary to culture, society and democracy. Unless we do, our space to operate may be extinguished before anyone out there realises the damage done. If we are successful, we may be able to strengthen field cohesion, reinforce existing allyship and win new partners.


What is The
Independence Project?
Who is behind the
Independence Project?
How was the research


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The Independence Project is developing an open source way for our community to contribute their ideas, visions, and perspectives around the ecosystem of independent film. We also invite you to take part in local and regional activations of these discussions - engage with the manuscript, develop articulations that work for you, and help us co-create a shared collective articulation of our practice.

Stay tuned for further updates, and in the meanwhile,
we invite you to join the conversation on Mural:

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You can also reach out directly to the Independence Project. Please contact